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Class 1 - EYFS

Welcome to Class 1.


Class 1's teacher is Mrs Scott.


Class 1's L.S.A. is Ms. Harris.

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Parents phonics presentation

Medium Term Plan - Marvellous Me - September 2019 - December 2020

Class 1 have had a lot of fun this week.We have been learning about pumpkins and their lifecycle. We listened to and sang the pumpkin life-cycle song. We sequenced pictures of the pumpkin life-cycle in our books.  We looked closely at a fully grown pumpkin. We scooped out the seeds as a team. We then used the pumpkins for flower arrangements for the church for Harvest festival.
October News

It has been a busy but very successful start to the school year and your child's learning journey. We have been having a lot of fun learning our new phonemes and the songs that go with them.


Just some little reminders as the month of October progresses. 

  • P.E. days are Thursday and Friday - children to come dressed in their P.E. kit. As the weather changes please ensure that your child is dressed for the elements.
  • If your child is not availing of school dinners please ensure they have a healthy lunch box including sandwiches, fruit and vegetables etc.
  • If you would like to take some additional work home for home learning these are available in the cloakroom. These are not compulsory.
  • We do ask that you try to read each night to and with your child. Remember, it doesn't have to be their school book.
  • Please be aware that we don't get a chance to read with each child everyday. Therefore we may not change books every day. However, everyday has some sort of literacy activity incorporated. It may not be recorded in your child's reading record but evidenced elsewhere.
  • Can I please remind you to sign up to Tapestry if you haven't done so already. Please add photos of activities that your child participates in or any achievements. Only I can see these not other parents. Remember this all goes towards evaluating your child's progress.
  • The dojo's are also up and running. Again please sign up.

If you have questions or queries please don't hesitate to ask at a convenient time or make an appointment to see me.



Our Senses
Class 1 have been learning about their senses. We have been focusing on our sense of hearing. We have played lots of listening games. We went on a listening walk and listened to all the sounds around us. We heard the wind rustling through the trees, the birds singing, the leaves moving across the playground, the sound of our shoes as we were running and walking and lots more. We drew pictures of some of the things we heard. Our favourite listening activity was Listening Lotto.
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Meet The Teacher September 2019