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Class 3 - the class of 2019!

We have been looking back at all our favourite memories of this year in Class 3. There were so many, we wrote a Kenning poem to describe ourselves.


Class 3: 

Anthony-Browne readers,

Banksy followers,

Cyclops seekers,

Danish-longball players,

Egg-speriment observers,

French speakers,

Geocache hunters,

Haka scarers,

Iron-man illustrators,

Joke tellers,

Kentwell-Hall explorers,

Lost-words singers,

Museum learners,

Navigation masters,

Off-with-her-head executioners,

Points-and-patches balancers,

Quarters calculators,

Rehearsal nailers,

Swedish translators,

Think linkers,

Universe adventurers,

Vertical liners,

World wanderers,

X-ray identifiers,

Yoga stretchers,

Zeal pursuers! 

Thank you for the memories!

Thank you for the memories! 1

The Lost Words

"Once upon a time, words began to vanish from the language of children. They disappeared so quietly that at first almost no one noticed - fading away like water on stone."

Robert Macfarlane, "The Lost Words"


We have been inspired by the powerful poetry and beautiful artwork from the book "The Lost Words". We watched how the artist, Jackie Morris, uses watercolours and paints straight onto paper, building up shapes and colours. These are our paintings, inspired by their creativity.

The Lost Watercolours...

The Lost Watercolours... 1
The Lost Watercolours... 2
The Lost Watercolours... 3
The Lost Watercolours... 4
The Lost Watercolours... 5
The Lost Watercolours... 6
The Lost Watercolours... 7
The Lost Watercolours... 8
The Lost Watercolours... 9
The Lost Watercolours... 10
The Lost Watercolours... 11
The Lost Watercolours... 12
The Lost Watercolours... 13
The Lost Watercolours... 14
The Lost Watercolours... 15
The Lost Watercolours... 16
The Lost Watercolours... 17
The Lost Watercolours... 18
The Lost Watercolours... 19
The Lost Watercolours... 20
The Lost Watercolours... 21

Kentwell Hall

On Tuesday, Class 3 went back in time... to 1588! Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne and the country was preparing for battle with Spain. We were given a special pass so we could enter, providing we helped with the preparations...

Sound Experiments

Class 3 have been having a wonderful time investigating sound...


Can you see sound?

Stretch a balloon over a glass and hold it in place with an elastic band. Put a little salt on top. Try humming next to the glass and see what happens.

What happens when you hum louder? Quieter? Higher? Lower?

What happens when you play a musical instrument next to it?

Why do you think this is?

What else could you try?

(We won't spoil the surprise!)


What comes first - sight of sound?

Use a funnel to put some flour inside a balloon and then inflate. Take 100 paces away from your audience and pop your balloon.

What happens?

Do you see the flour of hear the bang first? 

What happens if you are closer? Further away?

Can you work out think of a rule?

(Don't forget to ask a grown up to help!)

Do we see and hear at the same time?

How is food digested?

Class 3 have been getting messy, investigating digestion! We saw the whole process happen - right in the classroom!


Starting with a banana and spread sandwich, we watched as some of the children cut it up using a knife to represent the incisors! Next, we added some "saliva" (bubbly water!) to start breaking down the food. Using a potato masher, we could see how the molars grind the food into a mushy pulp.


Now we had to transfer the food into the "stomach". We did this by taking spoonfuls of pulped food at a time - this showed us how the oesophagus squeezes the food down. When the food was all in the "stomach", we mixed it together with some stomach acid (lemon juice!), digestive enzymes (tomato sauce!) and bile from the liver (yoghurt!)


To represent the food entering the intestines, we spooned the "food" into a pair of tights. We could see this would take time as it was a lot narrower than the stomach! Once in the "intestines", we were able to see the liquid coming out out, ready to be taken elsewhere. 


Finally, when all the liquid had been removed, we cut a hole in the tights and pushed the "waste" out. (You can guess what this looked like!!!) Needless to say, lots of children volunteered for this part!!    


Digestion Investigation (prepare yourselves to be disgusted!!)

How far does our food travel?

Have you ever wondered how far the journey of our food is, inside our bodies? Class 3 have...and it's further than you'd think! Today, we watched a video about the journey of our food and, afterwards, each group were given a part of the digestive system to measure out. Using string, they measured the length of their individual part (the most surprising being the small intestine which measures a whopping 6m approximately!!!) Once all the individual parts had been measured, we combined the whole digestive system together, measuring over 8m!!

"Where does it all fit?" they wondered, looking down at their tummies! 

The Journey of our Food...

What a busy term we've had: World Book Day, Science Week, Easter preparations alongside some fantastic learning in class (and even a letter from a certain well-loved author!)

Have a fantastic Easter and enjoy a well-earned break! Here's a little taster of our Spring term activities...

... and a letter from Anthony Browne!

... and a letter from Anthony Browne! 1

DT - Stone Henge Models

We are very proud of our wooden Stone Henge models! After planning our design, we had to carefully measure, cut, sand, glue, paint and finally add finer details to make our models attractive and interesting.

What do you think?

Stone Age Art

Class 3 have been getting messy making Stone Age artwork! We learnt that, during prehistoric times, humans were actually very creative and cave paintings were an important part of Stone Age culture. Because shops didn't exist, people had to use natural resources to create paints. So we went outside to see what we could find and try to make it into something we could paint with!!!

Class 3's Tooth Eggs-periment!!


We have been wondering what sugary drinks can do to our teeth. We know it is bad for them but what does it actually do? Of course, we can't take our teeth out and start experimenting on them so, in this investigation, we used eggs as they have a similar coating on their shells as the enamel on our teeth. 


In groups, Class 3 decided which test liquid they would like to try from orange juice, cherryade and vinegar. To make it a fair test, they also used a control egg which was placed in water. Both eggs had the same amount of liquid, were left for the same amount of time and were similar in shape and size.


The results were quite shocking!!!!  

Class 3's Mammoth Adventure to Ipswich Museum

We had a wonderful visit to Ipswich Museum yesterday! We loved the mammoth, which greeted us as we came in (designed by the creator of Chewbacca's costume!!) and were surrounded by animals and artefacts from the Stone Age. We got to handle real stone tools and weapons and understand what life was like for our hunter-gatherer ancestors. We had to think about how we would survive and plan our food, shelter, weapons and skills!


After lunch, we created neolithic coil clay pots and visited the other animals in the exhibition. Upstairs, we saw the bird gallery- we couldn't believe how big some of them were! In the Geology room, we saw a whale skull which had been found on the River Orwell and lots of amazing fossils!


It is such a wonderful museum and totally free to the public so why not visit again and have your own personal Class 3 tour guide!

Fun with Fractions!!!


We have had a lovely time in Class 3 this week, playing fraction games and activities to help us learn more about parts and wholes. We have made lots of discoveries and the children have loved the challenges. Yesterday's Think Link Thursday was a challenge to answer some reasoning problems with our Think Link, involving visual fractions. Today's Friday table challenge involved a competition to see which table could complete the fraction dominoes first! Well done to the Tuesdays who were the champions!


Maybe you'll be able to find some more fractions in the real world when you are out and about. Thinking about them in terms or parts and wholes is a great way to understand what the fraction actually represents.

Fun with Fractions!

Fun with Fractions! 1 Fractions with Fridays..
Fun with Fractions! 2 Fractions with Fridays..
Fun with Fractions! 3 Fractions with Fridays..
Fun with Fractions! 4 Fractions with Fridays..
Fun with Fractions! 5 Fractions with Fridays..
Picture 1 Fractions with Tuesdays...
Picture 2 Fractions with Tuesdays...
Picture 3 Fractions with Tuesdays...
Picture 4 Fractions with Tuesdays...
Picture 1 Fractions with Wednesdays...
Picture 2 Fractions with Wednesdays...
Picture 3 Fractions with Wednesdays...
Picture 4 Fractions with Wednesdays...
Picture 1 Fractions with Thursdays...
Picture 2 Fractions with Thursdays...
Picture 3 Fractions with Thursdays...
Picture 4 Fractions with Thursdays...
Picture 5 Fractions with Thursdays...
Picture 1 Fractions with Mondays...
Picture 2 Fractions with Mondays...
Picture 3 Fractions with Mondays...
Picture 4 Fractions with Mondays...

Stone Age to Iron Age Homework Spring 2019

Who is Stig?

Who is Stig? 1 A very unusual package from Stig arrived today...
Who is Stig? 2 Some were bones...
Who is Stig? 3 Some were stones...
Who is Stig? 4 We wondered who or what "Stig" was...

Happy New Year from Class 3!

Science - Electricity


Class 3 have been having fun investigating 'conductors' and 'insulators' in our Science work. They were very confused initially when I gave them tin foil instead of cables to light their bulbs but, sure enough, it worked - as Chloe and Matilda found out. We talked about why the foil allowed the electricity to travel and the children predicted what items around the classroom might also do the same job! They were amazed to find scissors, paper clips, keys and even drawing pins all conducted the electricity!


Try asking your children if they can remember what the terms "conductor" and "insulator" mean. Can they think of any examples?


Remember children - electricity is very dangerous and the circuits we made at school used very low voltage so they were safe!


Anti-Bullying Week 2018


Last week, it was Anti-Bullying week and we spent the whole week celebrating our differences, starting with our odd socks on Monday! We identified what makes us and each other special and wrote messages for each other to share our favourite things about them. We learnt to understand what it means to be a 'perpetrator', 'victim' and 'bystander' and learnt that bullying behaviour is about an imbalance of power. We made and shared our posters with anti-bullying messages, using our spelling words. During the week, KS2 also took part in rewriting the anti-bullying policy with Mrs. Thomas. We finished be writing a class story called "Odd Panda Out", inspired by our class book "Odd Dog Out".


I was really proud and impressed with the mature attitudes shown in Class 3 during the week. 

In RE, we are studying Hinduism and on Wednesday 7th November, we celebrated Diwali! We learnt that it is a five day festival, known as the Festival of Lights and celebrates new beginnings and the triumph of good versus evil. We watched the story of Rama and Sita and performed some of the rituals Hindus do during the festival. First, we cleaned and tidied the classroom to prepare for our new beginnings. We listened to a Diwali prayer to Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. Outside, we designed Rangoli patterns to guide her into our "home" (unfortunately it was raining outside!). We lit candles to remember how the villages guided Rama and Sita home and lastly, we shared sweets and small gifts. 

Posting Letters to Anthony Browne!

We have spent a lovely half term studying Anthony Browne as our author study. As well as reading some of his books, we have used his illustrations for Art and even in our Maths lessons! The children have all loved his books so much that we wrote letters to tell him! Last week, we typed these up in ICT and today we actually posted them.  

Posting our letters to Anthony Browne!!

Posting our letters to Anthony Browne!! 1
Posting our letters to Anthony Browne!! 2
Posting our letters to Anthony Browne!! 3
Posting our letters to Anthony Browne!! 4

Posting the letter!

Still image for this video
After several attempts to fit the letter into the post box, we posted our letters to Anthony Browne. We were all very excited!
Class 3 spent a lovely sunny afternoon in St. Margaret's church yard, sketching pictures of the church, ready for our final piece of Anthony Browne inspired artwork...watch this space!! 

Sketching in the churchyard

We were so lucky in Class 3 today to have both Sally Croft and Rev. Liz show us around our church. In our topic Here, There and Everywhere, we have been focussing on the local area and have linked this with our RE work on Christianity. Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about the features of a church and the children were armed with their questions today as we headed to find out more.


 Sally had designed a really fun activity which had involved labelling the parts of the church with their correct names (this even involved labeling Liz as the 'priest'!) Then we talked further about all the parts and their role in the church. The children knew lots and asked some fantastic questions, eager to learn more!


After the visit, Class 3 led the assembly at school, teaching the other children about what they'd learnt. They did a supper job and were complimented on their enthusiasm, behaviour and their confidence in talking to the rest of the school. I was very proud of them all!


Class 3, I wonder if you can remember what a "hassock" is?

In Class 3, we have been doing an author study on Anthony Browne. As well as using his books for our literacy work, we have also been looking at his wonderful illustrations for our artwork. We used his book "Willy the Dreamer" to help us sketch facial expressions. His characters are always so full of personality - we think ours are too!!


Ask your child for a lesson on how to draw a chimp, step-by-step! 

Art - sketching facial expressions

Art - sketching facial expressions 1 IMG_2069.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 2 IMG_2070.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 3 IMG_2071.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 4 IMG_2072.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 5 IMG_2073.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 6 IMG_2074.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 7 IMG_2075.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 8 IMG_2076.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 9 IMG_2077.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 10 IMG_2078.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 11 IMG_2079.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 12 IMG_2080.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 13 IMG_2081.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 14 IMG_2082.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 15 IMG_2083.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 16 IMG_2084.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 17 IMG_2085.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 18 IMG_2086.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 19 IMG_2087.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 20 IMG_2088.JPG
Art - sketching facial expressions 21 IMG_2089.JPG