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Emergency School Closures

Weather conditions can vary considerably from one area to another and for this reason the responsibility for decisions about an individual school’s organisation on any particular day rests with the Headteacher.  It is therefore my decision after consulting with the Governing Body whether or not the school should close.  In the event of exceptional weather conditions every effort is made to keep the school open.  Sometimes however, this is not possible if staff are unable to get to school.  If it is necessary to close the school due to severe weather, site issues or exceptional circumstances we will immediately inform Essex County Council - local radio stations are no longer broadcasting school closures.


Parents can see the full list of closures on the Essex County Council website. The page can be accessed using the below link and path:


Or visit Essex County Council's homepage at, and search for Emergency School Closures or click in to the Education and Schools area, click Schools, click Dates and click Emergency Closures.  The Emergency Closures page will update as and when notifications are received, therefore it is recommended to continue to check or refresh the page. We will also attempt to send a text to parents and put a notice on our School Website should an internet connection allow.


We will endeavor to send a text message to the main contact for each child should internet access allow.  We will also place any school closure on the notice board on the front page of our school website        


Current Government advice to schools regarding adverse weather conditions and absence from school states that if the school is open, pupils whose home is not within walking distance of the school get to school by transport that is provided by the local education authority, and that transport is not available because of adverse weather conditions, those pupils will marked as an authorised absence.  If the school judges the child could have made it to school (ie. those within walking distance) then that absence will be marked as unauthorised.


If you have any queries about any of the details, please contact the school as soon as possible so that we may clarify things.