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School Council

The purpose of the School Council is to represent the views and to be a forum for active and constructive pupil input into the daily life of the school. Each class has an elected representative and deputy.


The School Council benefits the whole school as it gives opportunities for pupils to communicate feelings and opinions to teachers and support staff as well as influencing decisions that are made.


Our School Council members this term are: Hugo, Olivia Skeats, Ginni, Olivia Stewart, Sadie, Amy and Sammie.


The council meet at least every half term which follows on from class council meetings where the children have an opportunity to raise concerns or discuss resources and initiatives for the school.


Issues that might be discussed in the school council meetings include:


  • Pupil Survey questions, responses and action to be taken
  • Friendship issues and playtime problems
  • School equipment
  • School and charity fundraising
  • School meals Facilities in school


The School Council representatives meet at least once each half term during the school year. They are given the opportunity to discuss any issues raised by their peers or by a member of staff and given time to feedback to their class. The meetings are led and minuted by the Chairperson and overseen by a member of staff responsible for the School Council.