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Children at St. Margaret's use the Internet on a regular basis as part of their learning. In school, we have regular 'e-safety' activities to remind children of the importance of keeping themselves safe online.

At home, sometimes children can be given unsupervised access to the Internet. This, potentially, allows them to access all kinds of society (both good and bad) and bring them virtually into their homes.


The following websites offer support to parents and carers regarding e-safety.

The 2 Johns

The 2 Johns work throughout Essex and nationally and have a wealth of knowledge about the online world and e-safety. They are both qualified police trainers and used to work as detectives. It is well worth taking a look at their website. 

Think You Know Support to Parents and Carers

During Covid-19


Gaming Activity Packs, Information and Support Videos


Gaming : a video guide for parents and carers


Here are some supportive videos because while playing games online is often great fun, it's important you understand why your children will chat online, what risks there are and what measures you can take to protect them while they’re playing their favourite games.  Think You Know's new video guide and accompanying article, developed in collaboration with The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment (Ukie), helps parents and carers to understand:

  • How in-game chat works;
  • How it might be abused by others, and;
  • What they can do to help keep their children safe whilst using in-game chat

Simple 15 minute activities to do with your child.  


Click on the links below for each activity pack. Every link contains two 15-minute activities to do with a child.  The activities are aimed at different age groups.

New ways of keeping children safe online over the holidays


  • Seasonal Netiquette: 5 new parenting rules for screen time and tech when families gather (Parent Info)

Links to Useful Sites for Tips and Information


  • CEOP News and articles surrounding internet safety.

  • NSPCC Online Safety Helpful advice and tools you can use to help keep your child safe whenever and wherever they go online.

  • Net Aware NSPCC have joined forces with O2 to help parents explore and understand online life as our children know it. An up to date site that gives information on how to keep children safe in the digital world.

  • Think You Know Great advice to keep children safe whilst using the internet.

  • Parent Information Expert information to help children and young people stay safe online.

  • Having a positive digital footprint Top tips for parents and carers on how to help your child create a positive digital footprint and make your child's online presence work for them

  • Action for Children Action for Children supports and speaks for the UK's most vulnerable and neglected children and young people.

Links to information about particular apps and games we know our pupils are using

Below are links to information particularly related to online games and apps we have heard our children talk about in school.