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At St Margaret's we seek to deliver a creative and engaging curriculum which develops the knowledge and skills of the children whilst fostering an understanding of culture and diversity, raising aspirations, encouraging responsibility and giving back to the community. 


Should we be forced to close any classes or the whole school due to exceptional circumstances we have capacity in school to support remote learning within 48 hours. 


You can find policies linked to our curriculum and teaching and learning on the policies tab of our website. 

2023 - 2024


At. St. Margaret's we deliver a two year rolling curriculum due to our mixed age classes. This academic year we are delivering year B.


We deliver our curriculum through a thematic approach wherever possible using 'Big Questions' to support our learning and thinking. These enable us to deliver the national curriculum effectively, whilst also allowing us the space for open ended thinking and spiritual and moral development. These questions are posed by Maggie, our friendly rainbow bird, who likes to know what we are learning and how much we have learnt! 


A lot of our learning is based on the Hamilton Brookes curriculum. Further details can be found on their website. 


Hamilton Brookes Website


Below, you can find our curriculum map.




Meet Maggie!

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Year A





Seed Class

Do you remember?

Where shall we go? 

What is home?

Sapling Class

What does it mean to be human?

How do we use…?

What’s so important about water?

Blossom Class

How do you live?

What do you believe?

¿Qué hizo que los mayas fueran increíbles?


Year B





Years 1 and 2

How has life changed?

Who can help me?

Are we there yet?

Years 3 and 4

Who is in control?

What lights up the world?

What is stronger – people or their environment?

Years 5 and 6

Evacuee or Refugee?

How far can you go?

What would you vote for?