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W/C 18th July

This week we have been thinking about endings. We thought about other words that use 'end' in them. 


Mend. Sometimes it's important to mend some things before we finish. We might need to mend some friendships which are broken, by saying sorry and forgiving each other.

Spend. How are we going to spend the holidays? How can we plan our time so that we don't just watch TV all day? How can we make sure we stay safe when we're not at school?

Ascend. Next September we will all have moved up a class, and Year 6 will have 'ascended' - gone up into secondary school. It's an exciting time, and a sad time too.

Friend. We all have good friends here at school. Sometimes we don't get to see them over the summer, which can be difficult. How can we keep in contact with each other?

Splendid. We hope everyone has a splendid summer holiday!


We also said goodbye to our leavers before they move on to secondary school. We wish them lots of luck!


Prayer for the week: 

Dear God,
Thank you for our school, and the year which is coming to an end.
Bless our families and homes during the holidays,
and bring us all safely to a new term.