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W/C 19th September

This week's reading is Amos 8: 4 - 7


Merchants Only Want to Make Money

Listen to me, you who trample on helpless people.
    You are trying to destroy the poor of this country.
You merchants say,
    “When will the New Moon be over so that we can sell grain?
When will the Sabbath be over
    so that we can bring out more wheat to sell?
We can raise the price
    and make the measure smaller.[a]
We can fix the scales
    and cheat the people.[b]
The poor cannot pay their loans,
    so we will buy them as slaves.
We will buy those helpless people
    for the price of a pair of sandals.
Oh, and we can sell the wheat
    that was spilled on the floor.”

The Lord made a promise. He used his name, “Pride of Jacob,” and made this promise:

“I will never forget what those people did.


We thought about how sometimes we have to do things that make us stand out or unpopular, even though they are the right thing to do. 


Prayer for the week:


Dear Lord,
We thank you that we have a guide to show us if our lives are straight.
Thank you that Jesus is our plumb line.
We pray especially today for the poor in our world and the relief agencies working to help them.
Help us to help them, too.



Song for the Week - Seek Ye First

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