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w/c 8th May

Our reading this week is Acts 7: 55-60


55 But Stephen was full of the Holy Spirit. He looked up into heaven and saw the glory of God. And he saw Jesus standing at God’s right side. 56 Stephen said, “Look! I see heaven open. And I see the Son of Man standing at God’s right side.”

57 Everyone there started shouting loudly, covering their ears with their hands. Together they all ran at Stephen. 58 They took him out of the city and began throwing stones at him. The men who told lies against Stephen gave their coats to a young man named Saul. 59 As they were throwing the stones at him, Stephen was praying. He said, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit!” 60 He fell on his knees and shouted, “Lord, don’t blame them for this sin!” These were his last words before he died.


Prayer for the week:

Dear God,​ 

Help us to be the best that we can be,​ 

To be wise in the worst of times,​ 

To endure through the struggle,​ 


Song for the week: Here I am to Worship

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In school:


We have been thinking about treating people fairly. We have also been thinking about people who are treated unfairly or unkindly because of their beliefs. We discussed that people should treat people with kindness regardless of their beliefs. We have been linking this to our school vision. 


Questions to think about at home:


Has anyone ever been unfairly mean to you? What happened? How did you deal with it?

Have you ever been treated unfairly because of your beliefs or faith? What happened? How did you deal with it?

Have you ever prayed during a tricky time? How did you feel? What happened?